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Hip hop forum discussions and message boards have a lot to talk about: discussions about rap music, artists, mainstream vs. underground rap beats, new releases, classic tracks. Here’s a list of hip hop forum reviews, based on their content, size and focus:

AllHipHop. This is the one stop shop for hip hop heads. The largest forum of its kind on the Internet, AllHipHop attempts to cover just that; the main discussion area focuses on new releases and reviews. There’s the standard “Who’s Better Than Who” section where posters argue over the best MC, DJ, video, etc. Some novel message boards include the Round the World section, which attempts to bring fans of all elements- rapping, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti- together from around the world. This is a great place to learn more about how breaking is developing in France or Korea, for example (they really are!).

In addition to these message boards, there are also forums for MC’s to post their rhymes, seek help from veterans, and battle other MCs for respect. There’s even a section for poets to display their work without the MCs provoking a battle with them.

Another hip hop forum worth mentioning is the aptly titled UndergroundHipHop which focuses on- you guessed it- underground rap. What this forum lacks in scope- it doesn’t have a Buisness, Sports or Youth section like AllHipHop- it certainly makes up for in depth. For any MC, DJ or fan of the underground scene, you’ll find a slew of message boards and posts about artists you’d never hear about from the radio or MTV. This is a great place to learn about new artists, rappers and mixtapes, or to argue about which is the best rapper from Minnesota.

The best part about this site is the focus placed on improving an MC or DJ’s abilities. Having this level of support in an online forum is rare, and it’s a great way for rookies to sharpen their skills in a positive constructive environment. A must see for anyone who dreams of making it in this business.

Hip Hop Forum Niches

Here’s a list of additional forums and message boards that cater to a specific sub-genre:
OzHipHop for Australians
Hip-Hop.ru for Russians
Rappers.in for Germans
D12World for Eminem and D12 fans
Rap Battles for those interested in online text and video freestyle battles.
RapGodfathers for aspiring DJs and music fans in general

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