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Finding the right Rap Beats to use for your songsCover


Now, if you don’t have a big budget, you should go to non-exclusive licenses. Unless you have considerable funds to spend on exclusives you should stay with non-exclusives, because many people don’t realize that except from buying beats and recording your song, you must also spend some money and time promoting your beat. But if you do have money to spend on beats, I would recommend going for exclusives. You can also buy a non-exclusive, and if you feel like you got a hit after you record your song, you can buy it exclusive. If the producer thinks that you might have a potential hit, he might be willing to offer it to you for free, because no producer would pass up the opportunity to have a hit song.

If you are a new artist, you should stay with non-exclusive beats. Since every site has it’s own policy in regards to licensing, you should pay extra attention to those terms.

Most websites (like us) have an automated way to deliver your instrumentals after you purchase, so you don’t have to wait for your downloads to get to your email.

If you want to buy beats online, you should have a credit card, or a PayPal account. Most beat selling websites use paypal to receive payments.

Last of all, you should have a lot of patience. Finding the right instrumental can be frustrating, so you might have to listen and look through hundreds, if not, thousands of beats, before you can find that perfect beat to download that you can use for your song, mixtape or album.

If you search for dope rap beats we are the right place for you. You can download hip hop instrumentals for sale and download free beats. We always offer lowest prices for leasing and exclusive beats. There are so many rappers out there with good beats that just “good beats” aren´t enough. You need a fresh new and unique sound behind your voice. On RapBeats4Sale.com you find all you need. Affordable lease beat and cheap exclusive beats. All beats comes without any voicetags and instant delivery. Lets make some dope song together.Thanks for all of your support!
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