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Finding the right Rap Beats to use for your songsCover

Now, if you don’t have a big budget, you should go to non-exclusive licenses. Unless you have considerable funds to spend on exclusives you should stay with non-exclusives, because many people don’t realize that except from buying beats and recording your song, you must also spend some money and time promoting your beat. But if …

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Hip Hop Forum / Blog ReviewsCover

Hip hop forum discussions and message boards have a lot to talk about: discussions about rap music, artists, mainstream vs. underground rap beats, new releases, classic tracks. Here’s a list of hip hop forum reviews, based on their content, size and focus:

AllHipHop. This is the one stop shop for hip hop heads. The largest forum …

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Lease Beats or Buy Exclusive Rights?Cover

If you found this post you’re probably having trouble picking between leasing a beat and purchasing exclusive rights to a beat. Either that or you’re trying to understand what the difference is between the two. Lucky for you it’s a lot easier to understand than it might seem.

Leases – When referring to selling/buying beats is …

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Buy Beats – Are They Safe To Buy Online?

If you got to this article your probably wondering how legit is it to buy beats online?

Is it really a safe option for me?

Well actually it’s no different than buying beats offline, actually some people might say it’s safer.

Let me explain, let’s say if in the real world (offline) you give a producer some …

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